Lockdown 2020 Digital Delivery Special Offers.

Delivered to your in-box as high resolution jpegs. Good to print at A4 for individuals and couples, or at up to A2 for group caricatures

I'm offering offering quick digital caricatures as unique gifts straight to your inbox. All you need to do is e mail mike@drawnbymike.com  or message me @drawnbymike a photo or two and I'll draw a special rate Bryson Caricature and e mail or transfer it it back to you. Prices from just £20. Payment after you've seen a thumbnail of the artwork.

Simple Colour caricature. As drawn live. Digital delivery  £20/€25/$28

Simple caricature couple  £30/€35/$40

Themed caricature £45/€52/$60

Themed caricature couple £70/€80/$90

Group caricature Full bodies £30/€35/$40 per person

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