Wow I'm popular! At present I'm fully booked , but please feel free to contact me for commissions begining September 2021

It's amazing what a humorous drawing can achieve.

Group Caricatures

 Celebrate your team. Bring a smile to your work place. Currently fully booked, but please enquire for commissions starting September 2021

Cartoon Illustration

Enhance your publication. Bring your story to life. Limited availability

 Explainer Videos

Get your audience to sit up and listen. Currently fully booked but please enquire for commissions starting September 2021

Personal Caricatures

Make someone's day !

For Birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, weddings, and other special occasions.

Currently fully booked

Pet Caricatures

The Cat makes me do them.

No pet should be without one..

Linited Availability

No more live entertainment .

I'm hanging up my marker pens.

Due to the pandemic, live entertainment work  basically stopped for me in early March 2020. Since that date I have worked to compensate for this by buiding up my studio work. Successfully  so far. After a slow start I am now fully committed with commissions.

In fact I have decided after twenty or so years to keep my weekends free for my friends and family.

Except under exceptional circumstances I no longer offer wedding or event entertainment.




I still offer the following drwanbymike services...

Caricatures from your photographs: ideal for significant birthdays, and anniversaries.

Large scale group and team caricature pieces. Commissions for picture books and humorous illustration work for brochures, magazine features.

visualisation work.

Animated explainer videos and talking caricatures


 I'm so busy I can't take on any more commissions just now, but if your request isn't very urgent please get in touch to book ahead.





Please e mail me or call 07956448349 for details

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